4 light years away I still love you is a collection of love letters, in them I imagine everyone that is involved in my life, from the Big Bang to millions of years after my death, all of those accidents and coincidences that triggers in what to me is the most valuable thing in the universe, the momentary love that we feel as if we were naive teenagers in love. With them, I look for what is all that has to be united for the catastrophe of love and the catastrophe of its loss to happen. This is my conspiracy theory, where the only starting and ending point is love. These letters are the place where I cry, where I make my duel. They are a message for the future. I want to find what is all that is connected in a love story to know what is all that one day I can lose.

BY  Julian Thomas Sierra (CO)

My name is Julian Thomas Sierra I was born in Bogotá, Colombia in 1997. I feel very influenced by my dogs, my veterinary parents and the vegetable plot that my grandmother takes care of in the garden of my house. I like to write, draw, organize objects and make videos of what moves me. What interests me are the links, how they appear, degrade and get lost like everything else and how valuable they can be. I can't stop thinking about how I am related to others, about the accidents that bring things together, about all those coincidences that can lead that a death of a mammoth allows me to know the love of my life or how when a wheel was invented three million years ago now I have to use a cell phone to show my feelings.