These images are part of a project revolving around technology and instruments of data collection, and their attempt to bring knowledge and understanding on the concept of the Other.
For these images I used eye-tracking technology, a technology that allows to visualize the trajectory of the eye of a spectator on an image. Volunteers were invited to pose for a photographic portrait, before being submitted to the eye-tracking test while looking at the images resulting of this portrait session, including their own image.
This technology reduces the gaze to a mechanical gesture. The abstraction of the graphical representation of the data obtained, akin to a persistence of vision, shows this technology’s difficulty to represent reality. It brings a reflection on the possibility of a scientific understanding of the Other’s gaze, on the possibility to realize the fantasy of seeing through someone’s eyes.

BY  Adrien Blondel (FR)

Adrien Blondel studied history and aesthetics of cinema before obtaining a cinematography degree in Paris. While working as a lighting technician for the film industry, Adrien is developing his personal art practice, born from his photography practice. He attended his first artist residency at the 100ecs in Paris, within the Digital research and art wave program, before spending a month in Plovdiv, Bulgaria to attend the Imago artist residency. These first experiences allowed him to define his practice and focus on his interest for science and technologies, for the trust we place in them and for what they can reveal of our relationship to exteriority in general, and to the figure of the Other in particular.