Inspired by aurora borealis and glitches. a u r o r a proposes a duality between nature/digital, and error/beauty. Visual poetry, the project is based on my personal experience of seeing landscapes and aurora borealis in Iceland, after a loss in my family: Can we make something beautiful with something terrible? ‘’Memory’’ is an essential part of this project, trying to render, in an abstract way, my memory of realities, while trying to understand and portray the abstract beauty of nature and loss. This creation incorporates remix versions of some of my earlier visual experimentation, imposing a theme of revitalization.

BY  Hugues Clement (CA)

Melding digital with organic and manipulated sound with abstract images, Hugues Clément deploys glitch, 3D modeling, and graphic interventions in playful, poetic, and sometimes brightly kitschy ways. Clément’s works include av performances, video mapping, design, VJ sets, and visual installations. Since winning the Société des arts technologies' Bourse Euterke for emerging VJs in 2011 in Montreal, he's pushed the limits of audiovisual art and digital manipulation to pose the question: What is real? His GLEAM project won first prize at MUTEK Montreal’s The Crystal Interface competition in 2014, while in 2017 he received the bronze medal for Digital Creation at international cultural event Jeux de la Francophonie in Abidjan (IC). His work has notably been presented at MUTEK (CA), MUTEK Dubai (AE), Igloofest (CA), Made in NY Media Center (US), Palais des Paris (JP), Paris Transient festival (FR), MADATAC (ES), Files (BR) and Circle of light (RU).