The video clip THE LIGHTHOUSE is performed in a virtual black passe-partout and is surrounded by a suspense sound SO_MONT, a melancholic backdrop melody. AF_SO_MONT_NB is a production made by itself: First the video clip, then the music improvisation. The first tone influences the picture material in such a way and it developed an additional sound filter with the task by an “air channel” to produce a sound picture. The composition is reminiscent of hand organ movements, the film of a slowly recurring handling of light. The idea and development should reproduce precise optical restrictions at the border of a “warning” signal of the lighthouse and highlight phenomenal phenomenological insights such as seeing, perceiving, discovering, catching, touching, realizing, recognizing, imitating.

BY  Barbara Peikert (FR)

Baraba-pe, born in Switzerland, is a self-producer, filmmaker, photographer and sound artist. She currently works in her company Atelier a./f. as a director and as a founder of the art theory of "astrazione fiction". Areas of interest in experimental and animated film focus on chromatic flow, abstract fiction, holography, photography and light and sound effects that enrich aesthetic perception. He holds a Master's degree in Visual Arts and Aesthetics from the Universities of Paris 1+8 and in Lighting Design from the Università di Sapienza di Roma and ENSAD Paris. MI DI WORM nº 10, 2018, Periplaneta and AF_SO_MONT_NB, 2019, have so far participated in several international film festivals and have been screened in the US, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Canada, Greece, Italy, Belgium, Germany, England, France, Slovakia, Portugal, Spain, Romania, Switzerland, Nepal, India, Serbia, Russia and Japan.