Abstract Horror is part documentary film, part speculative animation discussing a new form of religion and spirituality mediated by new technologies. It takes inspiration from the current philosophical and scientific discourse, and it borrows heavily from the aesthetic of New Age esoteric cults.

The film is a portrait of philosopher Nick Land, one of the founding fathers of the philosophy of accelerationism, who has in the recent years left the West for China to become an adamant alt-right supporter, trying to bring about the end of civilization as we know it.

The film is built around a conversation with Land who talks about the abstract horror of the Great Filter, a theory proposing that the planetary destruction might be near, and at the same time, Land argues for quite a specific horror – widespread adoption of nuclear weapons and “regime diversity”.

BY  Franz Milec (CZ)

Franz Milec ( born in 1993) is a Slovak experimental filmmaker & media artist currently based in Prague, Czech Republic. In his artistic practice, he tells stories with data. He graduated from CAS FAMU in September 2019, and over the past few years his works have been screened at festivals and shown at exhibitions in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Poland, Canada, United States, United Arab Emirates and many other countries.