AI in+form stands at the convergence of 3 core ideas: Artificial Intelligence, bio-inspired design, decentralised solar economy. It speculates on the future of light-harvesting to build the capacities of individuals to generate electricity locally. The complexity of parameters and amounts of data highlights the significance of AI. Inspired by organisms in nature, winning over all kinds of solar problems by each developing a unique solution, acting as models of study and drivers of the key design principles. Generative form-finding is taken as information that protocols the distribution of geometrical elements, operating in strict relationships with an environment and its available energy. The design pipelines work with constraints of proprietary and open-source softwares and datasets, and an integrative use of rule/agent-based and machine learning algorithms. The pipeline was taught worldwide in a series of free and open-to-all workshops, working with participants to localise the pipeline to specific contexts and grand challenges.

TALK Date and Time: 16 Sept, 12:00

BY  Rational Energy Architects (UK)

Rational Energy Architects (@R.E.Ar_) is an interdisciplinary and intercultural team of architect / researcher collective. Founded by Provides Ng, Alberto Fernandez, David Doria, Baha Odiabat and Nikoletta Karastathi, R.E.Ar is invested in the search for tools that fall between established fields of expertise. The team members are scholars and practitioners that hold positions in CUHK, Uchile, UCL and more. R.E.Ar collaborates with talents worldwide to test design pipelines that synthesise different forms of intelligence(s). This results in their free and open-to-all workshop series ‘AI in+form’, which integrates rule/agent-based and machine learning systems for bio-inspired renewable designs. They have taught and presented at international schools and conferences, including CAADRIA, CAADfutures, SiGraDi, ACADIA, DigitalFutures, CCBDT, and many more.