Live me and Love me… Alone. This is a visual invitation, like a billboard, a sign in a flash, a hypnotic manifesto remembering us the growing need of new ways of relations and affection exchanging in face to the gloomy reality that draws itself on the horizon of the collapsing world.

BY  Manu Neves (PT)

Manu Neves is Portuguese, was born in Mozambique and at the age of 7 has immigrated with his family to Rio de Janeiro where he lives and works. He served as a photographer, director of photography and screenwriter and only started his artistic training in 2012 at Parque Lage Visual Arts School. In 2017 he graduated in Visual Arts by State University of Rio de Janeiro and is currently pursuing a master's degree in Art, Experience and Language at the same university. Since 2014 he has been presenting his works in collective exhibitions and national and international art festivals. His artistic production has a strong installation character, but it is crossed by other platforms and makes use of several techniques. In his research, he investigates the processes of ruin in the cities, taking inspiration from the tactics of resistance of nature and the strategies of weeds that appear in the cracks of the urban skin to propose and provoke questions about the processes of ordering and control in contemporary societies and cultures.