AN AI CALLED DIOTIMA – TRANSCENDING THE DIALOGUE, 360° Video, 2020 (Concept & Visuals by Catherine Spet, Music by Max Stibio) The art project AN AI CALLED DIOTIMA describes a journey to the idea of Beauty enabled by technology, which reveals itself in a moment of transcendence. In reference to Plato’s dialogue “Symposion“, which explores the striving nature of Eros, the figure of the priestess Diotima described by Socrates is singled out and reinterpreted. With the help of Diotima, who thus becomes a key figure in Platonic philosophy and the doctrine of ideas, the question of “real knowledge” and wisdom in an increasingly technologized and digitalized world will be elaborated. In search of the idea of cognition, beauty and goodness, the viewer mentally enters the different levels of love and cognition under the instruction of Diotima. Just as the Platonic Diotima once told about the various levels of love (physical, sensual and spiritual), the viewer is led through the most diverse worlds – created with the help of AI.

BY  Catherine Spet (AT)

Catherine Spet lives and works in Vienna. After completing her bachelor's degree in "Media Technology" with the focus on audiovisual media, she is currently studying "Digital Design" in the master class "Experimental Media" at the University of Applied Sciences St. Pölten and Philosophy at the University of Vienna. She sees her artistic focus in the synthesis of various media-theoretical and techno-philosophical concepts and their influence on societal questions with a special interest in artificial intelligence. In this context, art should be a means to evoke and explore those questions.