Canato’s work is oriented towards the male gender and his equity to a social/cultural orientation groups including the notion of belonging or rejection and the status that man is supposed to hold in society. Anima explores the inner feminine side of a man. According to psychologist Carl Jung the Anima is both a personal complex and an archetypal that expresses the fact that man psyche has feminine qualities. Moreover, in echo to Nelson Mandela’s Rainbow Nation suffering from special conditions in which skin colour was the determining factor, Canato imaginary skin tones making references to codes recognizable by all. Blue, green, red or white skin give human beings extraordinary character with codified powers. Thus, blue most often refers to divinity, wisdom and the protector and sympathy. To name a few Krishna or Shiva Indian divinities and in another register James Cameron’s fiction Avatar. Green mythical, red hell, porcelain figures purity.

BY  Christophe Canato (FR/AU)

Born in France, Christophe Canato undertook visual art and fashion postgraduate studies in Grenoble and Paris, where he continued to live and work before moving to Perth Australia in 2005. His work has been exhibited in more than fifty solo and collective exhibitions including the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra. Multiple prize winner Christophe Canato’s photographs are also included in public collections such as Artbank Australian Federal Government collection. Christophe Canato series are published internationally in France, England, Australia including the Chinese magazine Photoworld with an eight pages publication, March 2020.