Arbitary Names Can’t Define Such Taste proposes a narrtaive frame work playing with alchemical magic where we can reframe queer positionality within/out the pixel. How can I tell you I love you without emitting pixels or calories? When my language fails me; I can’t find the literal words to say how I feel. When my body doesn’t capture such motion; I can’t find a way to propose a truth, but a truth that exists as a multiple. I am not singular and nor is the language of the pixel and self. The film orbits questions of transhuman and non-binary realities experienced through the transcendental ritual and the artist’s personal journey in manifesting their true self.

BY  Ben Dawson (UK)

Ben Dawson (he/him) is a queer artist based in London, working between digital and physical spaces. Dawson practices through multiple and iterative manor, his rendered animations seek to centralize themselves in the uncanny valley. Digital matter has a self-reflective quality, files sitting dormant with potential energy ready to reimagine a given cultural structure, Dawson seeks to answer simple questions but through complex questions and narrative in an attempt to find a form of truth.