ARCHIVED is an abstract, experimental first-person game composed of rooms with hidden interactions and challenges. The user is encouraged to explore the mysterious structure, which purpose is never revealed, and feel the ambience of the atemporal space. Each choice indirectly impacts the environment, and every trace is recorded in a never-ending cycle of data gathering.

The intrusive and surveilling mysterious companion along with the empty, artificial environment aim at evoking an unsettling feeling to the user. The perception of an eerie, otherworldly setting is heightened by factors including optical illusions and a lack of depth, which lead to the loss of the feeling of three-dimensional space.

The festival is not responsible in case of damage caused by or during the installation of the game, as well as in case of the presence of a virus in the file associated with the game after its installation.

BY  Virimine & Lyrcaxis (GR)

"Anna Katsouli was born in Athens in 1996. In 2022 she graduated from the Visual and Applied Arts Department of the School of Fine Arts AUTh. Since 2015 she has been creating games and interactive artworks while since 2021 she has been working as a game developer. In 2023 their participation in the Global Game Jam 2023 was awarded the HeGa 2023: Day Zero Grand Prix. Thanasis Galianis was born in Thessaloniki in 1993. He grew an interest in game development in 2012, and committed to it in 2017. With a physics and math background, he had peak interest in topics that involve math, including computer graphics development.