Due to a lack of work he wanted to improve my compositing and animation skills whilst on lockdown. He filmed content around the area he lives in London and utilized other stock footage he had in his library and began compositing graphics and 3D. He always approaches animation work from a design perspective. Typography and colour are very important. The loose theme is communicated by subtle use of key phrases and filmed elements combined with graphics, particle effects and compositing. It felt poignant for him for the theme to incorporate ideas around the virus, isolation and environment. Mattr is his musical alias, so he also wanted to create something he felt resonated with the mood of the track.

Matthew is an experienced freelance digital motion designer, artist and musician under the monika’s ‘Mattr’ and ‘mattr_music_motion’. Working with 3D, After Effects, Unreal Engine and a plethora of other design tools Matthew has produced video promos for the likes of Ed Sheeran as well as projection mapping for the ‘Arc’ electric super bike and digital interactive touch screens for Selfridge’s and Chanel. Always looking to combine design aesthetics with cutting edge production techniques to create engaging and experimental content for online and beyond.