The workshop is aimed at artists who wish to start working in blockchain. The workshop will consist of two parts: A theoretical part in which we will review both the blockchain and the most relevant works of art related to blockchain and then another practical part where we will teach students to create their own cryptocurrency and their own crypto collectibles.
This workshop will be interesting both to artists who want to start generating work in blockchain and to people who simply want to learn more about the subject.

BY  Martin Nadal (ES) (AT)

Martin Nadal (BSc) is an artist/creative coder based in Linz and studying the Interface Cultures program. In the past years he has produced a variety of art projects and taught workshops mainly related to money, blockchain and surveillance. His works have been exhibited or produced at: SXSW (us), ZKM (de), IAMAS(jp), CAC(cn), Ars Electronica (at), WRO(pl), Piksel(no), Radical Networks(us).