“There is only one moral worth in this story, one essential fact: we are nothing but ridiculous sparks in the light of the universe. May we have the wisdom not to forget it.”
Hubert Reeves

BY  Anne-Marie Bouchard (CA)

Anne-Marie Bouchard lives and works in Québec City. She directed several experimental videos and installations. Her work is about exploring the mysteries and wonders of the world and questioning the way we perceive and analyze it. To sense, to feel, to be immersed, and to question: her cinema is poetry. Her work has been shown in festivals like Chicago International Music and Movies Festival, Manchester Film Festival (UK), Fantasia, (Montréal), Les Instants Vidéo, (France), Cinema on the Bayou (Louisiane), San Diego Underground Film Festival, International Film Festival (Ireland), Traverse Video (Toulouse, France), amongst others.