This short film is dedicated to all the women and children across the globe who are facing cruelty at home during the lockdown. The film appeals to the emotional quotient of the audience, regarding the issue of domestic violence. The artist’s vision and dream have been to be able to see paintings in moving images. This was only possible when she merged analog and digital, which also opens a new scope for discussion on unique techniques in animation where design meets art. The film appeals to the emotional impact of the audience regarding the issue of domestic violence through the medium of AVI.

BY  Lolita Bhaduri (IN)

Lolita Bhaduri is a practicing communication designer; who graduated from College of Art, Delhi, in Applied Arts in 1998, and completed her Masters in Communication Design, specializing in Animation Film Design from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad in 2002. She has 18 yrs of experience. She is currently employed as Art Director at the Hindustan Times. Her work at HT and NDTV has been critically appreciated and has also won many accolades. Aside from being a leader in the field of animation in India, Lolita has been an influencer and an educator and has taught at various institutions in India, including the NID, Ahmedabad; and College of Art, Delhi.