Civilizations are born, evolve and die in an incessant cycle, since man has memory of it. The repetition of gestures is repeated obsessively to the constant search for an escape route, which is to improve a company or take possession of it, in an increasingly fragile world dominated by the same alterations. From the ashes of the umpteenth fall, a civilization is reborn distinguishing itself with its symbols and evolves until, when it reaches its peak, everything collapses revealing the nervousness, the latent and declared violence, the consequent human, social and environmental cost of a race from the irremediable conclusion. The video is the result of the elaboration between traditional animation and artificial intelligence software.

BY  Igor Imhoff (IT)

From 16-bit game developer to digital artist; his video experimentations applied to a passion for all things primitive as well as symbolism and anthropology. With his nostalgia of the glitch and strong focus on avant-garde. Igor Imhoff is a man of many dichotomies and his works shine accordingly. From his full debut in the synthetic image of Small White Dots to the archaic figures of his Percorsi (Paths) series. From the cave-like art of Anafora conceived for an interactive installation to the collaboration with the Polo Museale Veneto, where rupestrian paintings are combined with experiments with the pre-cinema of Muybridge and Duchamp. Αll-time human need to represent the world and come to terms with it. And Igor Imhoff is surely no exception.