Boop, means to affectionately touch a living being on the nose. A simple act of love that must be performed between a human and an animal. An encounter between ourselves and something other. Boop, explores our connection with the spiritual dimensions of existence and touches on the themes of loneliness and finding meaning in emptiness. the whimsical nature of the image attempts to elevate the viewers spirits, providing a safe inner place from which to contemplate the heavier subject matter.

BY  Aristotelis Falegos (GR)

My work is a desperate grasp at existence. An examination of the act of being alive, through whimsical imagery that seeks to bring joy to the viewer yet secretly carries it's pain in plain sight. I feel a strong connection to nature and I've always been deeply inspired by the intimidating beauty of Japanese Zen gardens with their use of space as an element which shapes its surroundings. Likewise, my work acts as a Zen garden of the human psyche. Natural forms and characters coexist in time, driven and directed by the space around them. My compositions examine the balance between the opposing forces of life and what it feels like to navigate these states as a human being.