Everyday life is composed of images. Museums, cafes, metros, hospitals, streets, and toilets are parts of this ordinary life. Having the images and the text within them allows me to fictionalize this life again. This way, the video with these moving images turns into a book, a book of life.

This work lets us think about human relations through everyday life images. We perceive and experience new interactions every day between the human and physical world. The meaning is created with these coincidental texts and images of public and non-places made into a digital video book. The filmmaker brings together a conception of reality that allows non-direct communication with texts and images and people who are producing them. The change of the human condition in the modern age also brings new feelings. Looking up to this world through random text and building a book of life
is a chance to find new ways to express ourselves.

BY  Muge Yidiz (TR)

Müge Yıldız (born in 1985, Turkey) studied cinema and philosophy respectively at Galatasaray University in Istanbul, Turkey and received cinema courses as an Erasmus exchange student at Paris 3 Sorbonne In Paris, France. She produces experimental videos and films, employing a shooting method she calls “being a ghost” producing moving images based on everyday life observations informed by existential themes. She works largely with analogue films such as 8mm, super 8 and 35 mm, 16mm, archive sound and footage. She participated in film festivals and exhibitions nationally and internationally such as ‘Resource Utopia’ Elgiz Museum Istanbul, Turkey, ‘The Fall’ Rem Art Space Istanbul, Turkey, ‘Young Fresh Different VIII Zilberman Gallery Istanbul, Turkey, Autofocus 9, Torino, Italy, ‘Experiments in Cinema’ Albuquerque, USA, ‘Rencontres Traverse Video’ Toulouse, France, ‘Antimatter Media Art’ BC, Canada, and Anthology Film Archives’ New York, USA. She recently took part in Istanbul Biennial Production and Research Programme and her last artist film project was granted the ‘SAHA Sustainability Fund’ by SAHA Association.