‘Candle Wick’ is a award winning 3D animated short film which was produced within six weeks, entirely remotely, by 2nd year students at Escape Studios in London.
It is written by Oliver Gallagher, Muhammed Mansoor & Liam Martin and directed by Oliver Gallagher & Shauna Ludgate. FInally, it was produced by Emmanouil Zervoudakis.
‘Candle Wick’ is about an adventurous candle living inside the walls of an old house. When a water pipe inside his den started leaking, he found himself needing to go outside and find an item to block it. Being so small, every journey is a danger, even the smallest of steps, but he must risk it all when it comes to saving his home.

BY  Oliver Gallagher Shauna Ludgate (UK)

Oliver Gallagher is on his third year of studying BA for Computer Animation at Escape Studios. This is his first published animated film.