In the immensity of the jungle, staying alive another day is not an easy task, especially if you are a tiny, nervous, clumsy and defenseless lizard like Chase. Everything pricks, cuts and tears, everything is deadly, but Chase is the most stubborn, obsessive and tenacious reptile this side of the tropics, and he will not give up until he does the impossible to survive… “Chase” is a tribute to classic cartoons in which it was not necessary to use words to express emotions or actions, such as “Coyote and the Road Runner”. Developed with 2D digital techniques and with the integration of some 3D elements, the story is framed in exotic natural enviroments with numerous extinct animals, in an indeterminate time and place. Chase, our lizard, is pure kinetic energy, pure will to keep going. We are all Chase!

BY  Jorge San Martin, Manuel Carbajo (ES)

Jorge San Martín: Post-producer, director, colorist and graphic artist. Born in 1985, he studied graphic and digital creation at ESDIP-Art School. He has worked as post-producer and post-production supervisor in 2D and 3D animated short films, as well as commercials, fiction feature films and documentaries. He has co-directed two 2D animated short films and has also worked as a graphic artist in the art department for fiction series for Movistar and Netflix. Manuel Carbajo was born in Madrid in 1977. He is a 3D animator with more than 15 years of professional experience, graduated from Audiovisual Communication (Complutense University of Madrid). Ηe has completed masters in Adapted Screenplay (ALMA) and 3D Animation and Digital Postproduction at CICE. Since 2013, he has been managing the animation production company ESDIP-Animation Studio, as a producer of various projects, and he is teacher of Film History at ESDIP-Art School.