A hidden gestural language lies beneath the representations of masculinity. A 3D avatar attempts, through reenactments of found imagery, to re-encode and communicate this language as gestural semaphores. The title and structure of the film originates from a book of poetry by American artist/writer Hannah Weiner, published in 1982. Code Poems redirect the International Code of Signals definitions for mariners and naval men into a conceptual territory between concrete poetry and a philosophical meditation on systems of language and masculinity as a vessel for violence.

BY  Kevin Siwoff (UK)

b. 1986 New York, USA, lives and works in London, UK & New York. Kevin Siwoff is an artist working with moving image, sound, text, and performance. His work centers around de-constructive processes and actions that explore the transformation of meaning, as language is translated by the body, voice, and technology. Siwoff’s work has been exhibited, screened, and performed internationally, including The One Minutes: Comfort & Vision, curated by Salim Bayri, Het Nieuwe Instituut, Amsterdam, NL (2021), Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen, DE (2021), Imminent Vibrational Logic, South Kiosk Gallery, London, UK, (2020), Basix, 9To5: Works In Progress, Atlanta, USA (2017), Red Bull Studios, NY, USA (2015), OfficeUS curated by Storefront for Art and Architecture, 14th International Architecture Biennale, Venice, IT (2014), New Museum IDEAS City Festival, NY, USA (2013 and 2015).