In an endless void, a robot is having a conversation with someone. They enter its imagination to the beginning of human civilization, leading to the silk route and progression of communication channels. Using symbolism, we have created connections between the dialogues and the visuals. The robot has evolved from a human, forgetting its memories. It makes its own interpretation of the audio and words. Furthermore, the film depicts metaphors to portray the beginning of human civilization such as multiple eggs breaking showing rapid birth of diverse lifeforms, noodles transforming into the silk route, robot swallowing the train representing consumerism and development of communication through trains leading to the motherboard transforming into the dystopian future. In the end, the robot realizes that it was conversing with its own reflection and starts questioning its existence.

BY  Aayush Agarwal Anushree Agarwal Attrayee Gogoi Disha Agrawal Rati Sulay Sachi Mahajan  (IN)

Cold Noodles is an animated short film made in three months, during the peak of pandemic in India. Aayush, Anushree, Attrayee, Disha, Rati and Sachi are a group of students from the National Institute of Design, Andhra Pradesh, India. They call themselves Team Pengwins. They are keen to experiment with interesting visuals to convey their ideas and metaphors. They are a bunch of self-motivated, over enthusiastic and hardworking young designers with an itching to learn. An international exchange program brought them together for a collaboration with students from all over the world. Recording of the conversation is provided by students of Central Academy of Fine Arts. China, which was further sound designed by Team Pengwins.