Contact .. unexpected..fearā€¦contact less
contact. . unexpected .. fearā€¦contact lessā€¦
keep distance ā€¦hesitance
contact .. unexpected..fearā€¦contact lessā€¦
keep distance ā€¦hesitanceā€¦reconnectionā€¦redefinition

In the ContactLESS series of artworks I describe a sequence of images from the pre- Covid era to the current situation we live through contact. In the Covid -19 pandemic, contact, a word that was associated with beautiful emotions, security and consolation, was identified with anxiety, fear, insecurity ..all these emotions that have been repeated for almost 2 years now as we try to redefining the word ā€œcontactā€

BY  Mariana Lourba (GR)

Born in 1980, in Athens (GR), Marianna Lourba is an MA graduate (Visual Design) of IED (Instituto Europeo di Design) in Milano, Italy . She has also studied Ī‘rt and Design at Middlesex University of London and holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons). She works mainly with photography, silkscreen and collage. Her work has been exhibited in group and solo shows internationally in Ī‘thens (GR), New York (US), Tokyo (JP), Arezzo (IT), Orvietto (IT), among others. She has received many awards and honors for her work such as DESTE Foundation, Īœont Blanc, Cosmote etc . Since 2012 Lourba's art object series have been part of the permanent collection of Benaki Museum Art Shop, Athens. For the past seven years she has been a lecturer on Art & Design in undergraduate programs while parallel to her visual arts practice, she holds the position of the Creative Director of Apolyto Creative Spot, a contemporary art workshop. She lives and works in Athens.