Crack is an animated faux-PSA designed as a followup to the 2019 short film Like and Follow. If you or someone you know suffers from the horrors of smartphone addiction, the OK Boomers of America want you to know, there is help. Addiction is no laughing matter. Except in this short film, where it is.

BY  Brent Forrest Tobias Schlage (JP)

Born in Montreal, Brent Forrest is a technical director and film maker living in Tokyo. He started his animation career at Red Rover studios in Toronto as a co-op student in 1999, where he learned the craft of animation from some of Canada's finest draftsmen. After a twenty-year career in animation he's pivoted into programming full time, while on the side he builds tools for animators and VFX artists. Born in Hamburg, Tobias Schlage is a film director and animator living in Tokyo since 2015. In his years as a character animator and 3D generalist he worked in all areas of production creating extravagant visuals for film and television. Tobi came to Japan to explore a new film making landscape, combining both German and Japanese film making techniques to create a unique style of grounded, emotional storytelling.