Dance! is about a young girl who, after seeing a video of a beautiful dancer, decides to become one too.
However, the girl is very shy… Will dancing help her gain more faith in herself?

BY  Andrea Mangano (US)

Andrea Mangano was born in Maryland. She grew up in Sicily where she studied Philosophy, History, Grammar, and Literature where she also won various regional dance sport competitions (Ballroom and Choreo) and became a published, award-winning poet with "La Balena di Ghiaccio". Andrea was a self- taught artist until she moved back to the States in 2016, where she enrolled as an animation student in California. She choose the visual arts as her career because she sees the power of media, how much it can teach people about cultures and situations different than their own. She wants to be a part of that change in media and animation. She has been a ballroom dancer for years, and it was an amazing experience, as she describes it. However, Andrea could see all the negatives this sport can bring to anyone who does not fit into a specific category: white, cis, straight, able-bodied... So, with this little sweet story she wanted to help shift the perception and making it more accessible.