It’s a music video clip from the Italian band “dellarabbia”. The title refers to a urban legend that tells that Molise (an Italian small region) doesn’t exist. The song talks about the urban legends and the fake news. The video clip builds a virtual world where Italy is underwater by climate change effects and is populated by urban myths as the Lochness monster, the Yeti, Elvis Alive, Aliens and more. It’s a metaphor about how the truth and the fake reality are reciprocally overlapping . The video is directed and animated by Leonardo Roma with Unreal Engine.

BY  Leonardo Roma (IT)

Maral Alizadeh was Born in 1990 in Tehran-Iran. She has Master's degree in Research of Arts. Maral is also an official member of Animated Filmmakers Guild of Iran and an Official Member of Iranian Alliance of motion picture Guilds. She has started her career in animation since 2009. Her professions and activities are Directing, Writing and Illustrating.