An interactive narrative about a swarm of bugs that are trying to remember a specific place. These bugs have augmented vision, so they can see simultaneously, both in the digital and the physical space. In their attempt to remember, they have to face the inefficiency of their digital memory, since there are places still unmapped and undigitized, even in the big urban centers. During the activation of their memory, we follow the bugs through different processes, like trying to reconstitute an image that keeps slipping from us, as an image from a dream, or through soundscapes that have the ability to awaken images within us. Connecting the fragments of their memories, the bugs finally manage to recall their lived experiences of this physical space and remember the sense of it, how the light, the trees, the ground, the rubbish looked like.

BY  Katerina Magarini (GR)

Katerina Magarini is an architect and new media artist. Her practice focuses on microhistory, symbiosis and the poetics of the everyday, through games and interactive applications.