A continuous flow of “ΔΩΡΑ” data, lined on linear display. The data of her physical presence are in a controlled, digital environment. At first, the information was gathered, isolated, and at last equally distributed, forming a new software, her own digital image. 20 close-ups. Shots from such a close distance that the assignation of a title/name is necessary for her identification. The ‘’ΔΩΡΑ” project is an example/result of my efforts to produce a state automatically, keeping a distance from my senses, even though ¨thymikon” which in Greek signifies the soul’s sphere, that encloses the emotion and will, create conflict and supplement the attempt. Information like the body image, that in the past we might have processed with kinesthesia and sensuous procedure, are now interpreted more easily with the binary code. Considering a digital world that will not be inborn (hence entirely independent) from the physical one, it could not mark, with its current characteristics, a developmental path of the human species, but a perpetual stasis.

BY  Christina Chatziantoniou (GR)

Adopt.borrow.recycle. Reaching towards the ends of my studies, in fine arts and art science at the University of Ioannina, led to my Thesis project titled "References". That was the starting point of my personal search as a visual artist. The fields that interest me the most are those of appropriation, transmutation, and alteration of objects, information, and other artworks. What will occur by extracting the identity of an object and redefining it? How changing the frame of reference of information affect its reintegration in time and place? What is the direction of a piece of art when an artist uses it as a tool for the creation of a new one? Having those questions in mind as benchmarks create friction of fundamental personal interest. Photography and video art are my needed means of communicating my thoughts in the form of art. My visual identity adapts depending on the context of each project, not usually being the core of it. However, patterns, light, shadow, and formalist approach are frequent in my work.