Dr. Yen Lo is based upon the eponymous character of the film “Manchurian Candidate”. This was the main source of inspiration for the song by EPLKT as well as the CGI Movie, which was created and directed by John Katehis and Los_ecret (Gregory Milovi) in a more modern sci-fi version.

John Katehis is a self-taught individual whose involvement in various forms of creative endeavors rotate from graphic/motion design, concept / CG artist, animator, creative to a director. Most widely known as an art director to a plethora of acknowledged labels in the music industry, as well as various Grammy-nominated artists. A Multi-Grammy Nominee and internationally awarded art director with numerous screenings around the world and projects that exceed over eighty million youtube views collectively. Los_ecret (Gregory Milovi) is a 24-year-old undergraduate student following a graphic design course at the University of West Attica, Athens. He had taken up drawing courses in the Gold Smithery School of Stemnitsa and also simultaneously followed an architectural class. He has been involved with the motion design and 3D since 2015, undertaking many projects in Greece and abroad.