A machine male voice is being trained to lead people towards a future of effectiveness. “He” needs though to use more effective techniques for convincing humans. His female voice machine trainer suggests a trick for connecting with the audience. That would be through relating to supposed memories or habits. It all has to sound unconsciously familiar, for gaining influence in the building of one’s dreams. “Ectasis” refers to contemporary world expansions and “ectoplasis” to meta-physics of ability, success, and progress.

Video footage: China’s ghost cities (train window view), the lake of the ancient Greek underworld (tv show), an astrologer’s cabinet (street view), a documentary on urban history (tv show), weather forecast (tv), a documentary on the life of a politician now deceased (tv show).

BY  Marika Papapostolou (GR)

Marika Papapostolou lives and works in Athens. She has studied Architecture at the National Technical University of Athens (2004), and in Ecole d' Architecture Paris-la-Seine (Erasmus Scholarship). She has studied Fine Arts at the Athens School of Fine Arts (2012). She holds a Master's Degree in Fine Arts (ASFA, 2014) (IKY Scholarship). She has participated in group shows, artist residencies and workshops in Greece. In her artistic practice, she makes installations, videos, texts. Her works have as a starting point commonplace, everyday experiences of personal and social space. By looking into the (side-) poetic and paradoxes of materials, places, and stories, she questions the structures of perception and the way mainstream values are produced.