Eidolon studies the transformative qualities of transient light – reflections of beacon lights, sunset skies, and twilight clouds – in an unstable video file. Like extraterrestrial particles interacting with the Earth’s atmosphere, photons touch and transform the digital image, becoming pixels that flow as light waves through this cinematic painting, illuminating the scene.

BY  Jeroen Cluckers (BE)

Jeroen Cluckers (BE) is a video artist and experimental filmmaker. He creates audiovisual dreamscapes that explore, question, and transform the boundaries between fiction and reality, cinema and painting, image and imagination. His work has been exhibited in more than 35 countries worldwide, at festivals and venues like ZKM, The Hermitage Museum, VIDEOEX, IKFF Hamburg, FILE Festival, VIDEOFORMES, MAXXI Museum, Ludwig Forum, Athens Digital Arts Festival and ISEA. He has received several awards, including Best 60 Seconds Film at the New York Film Week, and Best Experimental Film at TUFF and GISFF. He is connected to AP University College as a Lecturer-Researcher in Video & Immersive Media. He lives and works in Gent, Belgium.