The aim of the project Emanations is to show how the aesthetics of digital artifacts can affect the aesthetics of material objects. The project is a collection of photos that present abstract post-jewellery objects in the context of everyday life. The project invites viewers to imagine how physicality can absorb the features of digitality. It engages tools derived from the areas of algorithmic-aided design or additive technologies and collides them with material aspects of human existence. The ambience created in the photos engages only analogue sources of light (no post-production enhancement) and emphasizes natural properties of amber and precious stones that glow under UV of a certain length wave.The project is based on a key assumption that each material object created in a given period reflects current interests of culture. But how does digitally generated content influence our ordinary physicality?

BY  Marta Hryc (PL)

PH.D. in Arts, researcher, academic teacher (Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, Poland), designer. She is interested in the juxtaposition of computer algorithms and human’s creative approach. In her research she analyses the impact of additive technologies on aesthetics in design. Speaker at international conferences on frontier areas of new technologies and a careful observer of the impact of socio-economic and cultural changes on the evolution of new aesthetic trends. She is a jewellery designer by profession. The themes of her designs revolve around the socio-economic context of jewellery. She held research scholarships in Mexico and Belgium and took part in numerous international exhibitions and competitions