«Emergence» is a meditative poem about nature’s dynamic process. Bubbles appear. Maybe they are embryos. They grow, are swallowed, or merge in an infinite ballet. Inspired by abstract painting, sci-fi aesthetic, and quantum physics imagery, the artwork presents a crossing point between real-life chemical events and digital amplification. «Emergence» delivers a symbolic narrative of how new forms, or bits of information, appear, interact together, influence, and dynamize each other. With its bold colorful aesthetic, it presents a new kind of synthetic ebullition, part digital, part organic. Something is emerging. A new language, a new kind of being, a new perspective, a new kind of interaction in a new dimension.

BY  Karoline Georges (CA)

Karoline Georges, born in Montreal, Canada is an interdisciplinary artist and writer. Her artistic research is guided by her quest for a different kind of sublime - a polymorphic, hybrid sublime. Taking the form of video, 3D modelling, literature, sound, and virtual photography, her works are populated by digital avatars, clones, and networked consciences; through them, she seeks a digital form of transcendence, poetry, and spirituality. She has exhibited works throughout Canada, Europe, and the America (FILE Electronic Language International Festival, Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid, International Biennial of Contemporary Art of Cartagena, ORANGE, Contemporary Art Event of Saint-Hyacinthe, La Bande Vidéo). As a writer, she has published several literary works. Her last novel «De Synthèse», a futuristic story evolving around a digital avatar, won many awards, including the Governor General Literary Award, Canada’s most prestigious literary award, and is translated in many languages, including English, German, Macedonian and Ukrainian.