Emersive is a 360° mesmerized experience in a 3D parallel futuristic universe.
Composed of a single sequence camera shot, this project offers an exploration of several spaces of microcosms through grids, low poly and fractal forms with dominant of bright colors like emerald green and purple typical of synthwave visuals. Each new space seems to generate itself in synaesthesia with the sound creation and asks at the augmented virtual movement to adapt: rotation, tracking, fall, rise, advance, retreat. Like a danced choreography, the dynamics of the sequence shot are based the rhythmic grids. This experiments give new feeling and new perception of our sens.

BY  Jeremy Oury (FR)

ARCAAN Collective is created in 2015, with the aim of promoting, supporting and stimulating research in the audiovisual and digital fields. Initiated by sound designer Antoine Briot and digital artist Jeremy Oury, ARCAAN particularly encourages parallel writing processes Image and Sound. The synesthesia worked by the duo Jérémy Oury / Antoine Briot having been declined for minimalist and geometric universe in immersive installation. The research of creation focuses on a feeling of virtual movements and to disrupt the spectator perception of space. The collective's productions have been regularly selected and awarded in various international festivals (FILE. 2018-2019, ISEA 2019, ICIA 2018, VISUALIA 2018-2019, Festival de la Imagen 2020, ...).