The constant “game” between digital & physical life that we have been subjected to in recent years, either involuntarily or intentionally, is an interesting point of observation of primary emotions. How do we fall in love or how do we laugh anymore? What do we like or dislike? How is the real intensity of our emotions decoded through each image? Do we feel in love with our digital interlocutor with the hearts he sends? Identifying a past love experience? Or with our secret desire?


BY  Eleni Dobrogianni (GR)

Eleni Dobrogianni is an interior & product designer - (Graduate of Athens University of Applied Sciences -Interior Architecture, Decoration & Design of objects & University of the Aegean -Msc Integrated design of product innovations). Professionally she deals with graphic design - decoration - construction while academically she is interested in environmental issues, public space, biomimetic technology, parametric design and 3D printing.