The genesis of these abstractions was originally moving image. These light boxes are single snap shots taken from a glitch artwork where the original image of X-Rays was pulled and manipulated so much that they became entirely new images. Upon reviewing the original film by individual frames the artist started to see individual works in each static frame. He then projected these static frames and photographed the projections to translate the moving image back into static. These images have certain Rorschach test qualities, where each viewer sees something different in each frame, making them more of a mirror than a mere object. This body of work is a direct result of the artist background as a VJ. He constantly re-explores his own works by manipulating, remixing and combining them to constantly search for something new. Both the artist and the audience can enjoy the journey of exploring the experimental process of destructing and rebirthing pieces of video into new forms.

BY  Tolmie MacRae (AU)

Tolmie MacRae is a video artist from Sydney, Australia now based in Cologne, Germany. His background comes from studying a Masters of Digital Media at the College of Fine Arts, Sydney and also VJing. He has performed with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra to celebrate the Sydney Opera Houses's 40th birthday, exhibited at ISEA 2013, Articulate Project Space, Sydney and internationally at the Shedhalle, Tübingen, Art Rooms Fair London, CADAF Crypto Art Fair, ADAF Greece and Arte Laguna Prize, Venice. Through his art practice, Tolmie explores the multiplicity of existence predominantly through the medium of video. His work has explored themes of meditation, transcendence, immanence, tangibility and ephemerality by investigating the flow of light and time on people and landscapes, generating visual and temporal abstractions.