In 2003, during a trip to Japan, I filmed about ten hours of rushes with a Mini DV camcorder, thinking of making a film that I never managed to finalize. The work of time opens my mind: I immerse myself in the images, digitize them and without looking at them I finally find a form, bathed in the writings of Chris Marker and Nicolas Bouvier in Tokyo. “Faces” was born sixteen years later. It is an invitation to plunge into the heart of a city and its inhabitants. A form of audio and visual narrative, punctuated only by three subtitles, takes the spectator into an ecstatic state, between dream and reality.

Pierre Villemin was born in 01-02-63 in Nancy (France). He currently lives and works in Metz. Since 1999 he is interested in reports between text/voice/images. He teaches «Film Essai» in Fine Art school in Metz. For many years he is interested in experimental documentaries. His film «Faces» was awarded the Best documentary of the festival « Short Movie Club » in Minsk, Bielorussia, in March 2020. He created an online experimental film festival «Seek the sun».