Fatal System Error is a short, interactive digital opera which examines our ability to engage with the digital space, weighed against the temptation of online distractions, through the last moments of an operatic Virtual Assistant attempting to escape deletion. Counterpointing digital deletion, operatic death and digital junk / scam advertising, Fatal System Error asks audiences to remember their real-world humanity and compassion at a time when this is most needed. Fatal System Error was conceived by Dumbworld’s Artistic Directors – writer John McIllduff and composer Brian Irvine, alongside creative programmers Out of Tune Games and filmmaker / visual artist Conan McIvor. Fatal System Error was commissioned by the Royal Opera House, London during 2021, and is performed by Alexandra Lowe – Spanish-born British soprano who is part of the prestigious Jette Parker Young Artists Programme 2020/21 – and members of the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House.

BY  Dumbworld Ltd Dumbworld Ltd (IE)

Dumbworld is one of Ireland’s most creative & versatile arts organisations, with an international reputation for the quality, breadth, inclusivity, and impact of its artistic work. Established by composer Brian Irvine and writer / director John McIlduff, Dumbworld is an artist led, multi-disciplinary, creative production company that makes work found at the intersection of performance, music, image, and words. Brian Irvine is an award-winning composer whose body of work reflects an obsessive love of music creation in all its forms. His music is a highly personal concoction of punk, improvisation and contemporary classical, and has been commissioned, broadcast, and performed all over the world including the London Symphony Orchestra, Welsh National Opera, Scottish Chamber Orchestra, and Irish National Opera. John McIlduff is an award-winning writer, stage director and filmmaker whose work spans opera, television, film, theatre, music videos, commercials, installations and even the odd song lyric.