Last battle is an infinite myth that began a long-forgotten Galadhor Citadel. King Dickory and his ancient enemy Nan. The fractal in the realistic world of mathematic is infinite and continuously changes. This story is flowing similarly as well as in folktales. Endless. Constantly modified. Gets alive in us as we formulate it, passing over what we saw meanwhile our personality unintentionally becoming the element of the myth. Let make this story everyone’s own tale. Tell others what you have watched. When you do, it will be saturated by your own personality, unknowingly you will form it. The story becomes independent life.

BY  Agnes Gundel (UK)

Agnes Gundel is a freelance photographer/videographer initially working in Hungary and England, with multiply Stock agencies. Discovered 3d fractal recently and built it into her pipeline. She had a very little experience in short film making, until she made her first film, Fractal Story, and enjoyed every single minute of it, as she comments.