This practical workshop will walk you through the basics of using the open-source and freely available Godot Game Engine to create virtual worlds intended for virtual reality headsets. In this 1-hour workshop you may follow along with an introduction to Godot, setting up a basic 3D environment, and exporting for virtual reality. This will be a workshop for absolute beginners, no coding experience necessary. The workshop will discuss virtual reality hardware and demonstrate its use, but no hardware will be required to participate.

This workshop requires a personal computer as well as to download and install
Blender and Godot open-source and multi-platform software tools. VR mask is not mandatory.

BY  Jeffrey Gangwisch (US)

Jeffrey Gangwisch works with the interaction of digital and physical media, focusing on the human figure. A founding member of the Baltimore-based new media collective strikeWare, their most recent work experiments with augmented and virtual reality installations. They are currently serve as Assistant Professor in the Department of Visual and Performing Arts at Albertus Magnus College in New Haven, CT.