“Homo technicus is a walking upright primate of the Hominidae family, living in symbiosis with machines. He has a strong desire to keep up with new technologies and digital devices. DNA analysis shows that Homo technicus appeared in the early twentieth century and today inhabits all continents. In 2023, its population is about 8 billion people.” The project explores the interaction between people and technology. Electronic devices are part of the daily life of modern man, he spends much of his time online to work, to be informed, to have fun. The boundaries between the real and the virtual are intertwined. The technologies behind virtual and augmented reality, hyper-connected environments, mechanical vision, artificial intelligence, computer-generated images, generative comparison networks are far more ingrained in our lives than we imagine.

BY  Tsvetelina Dimitrova (BG)

Tsvetelina Dimitrova is an artist working in the field of visual and digital arts. She graduated with a bachelor's and master's degree in Computer Systems and Technologies at the Technical University of Sofia. In hеr projects, she mainly explores technology and man, their interaction and how they influence each other. Tsvetelina teaches the subjects "Introduction to programming for artists" and "Interactive animation" in the Master's program "Digital Arts" at the National Academy of Arts - Sofia. She also leads programming courses for children at the Nikola Tesla Academy. In 2021, she won first place in the "DIY Photobook" photobook competition with the “Homo technicus” project, organized by Photosynthesis and Europapier Bulgaria. In 2022, her photobook was selected to be shown at the Athens Photo Festival.