Reflecting on a post-2020 life. Human & Nature, the dove refers to the environment that is not affected by the virus and the astronaut refers to an inner status, when the individual is influenced by the outside crisis, their life paths, and tracks started to change. The artwork neither displays the virus nor death, instead, it brightens a tense atmosphere by creating a dialogue between the outside and inside, the static and the dynamic, and between suffocation and breathing. It invites the audience to jump into this theme with their own background and living environment to find the possible turning point of their lives and choices.

BY  Gregoire Meyer (FR)

Grégoire A. Meyer is a self-taught artist based in London. He is passionate about capturing fleeting moments in his work. He freezes these moments in time in order to preserve them. Meyer uses digital artwork to create distortions of the human form using shiny metal components, broken glass, and splashing water. With the help of light and shadow, he creates the illusion of a concrete object that drives the viewer to a reflection on reality and fiction. “My art examines the body in its extraordinary simplicity as a biological, digital and aesthetic organism.” This award-winning artist creates his digital illustrations in order to bring about thought-provoking reactions. Meyer’s work has been exhibited in London, Venice, Ibiza, Paris, Shanghai, Tapei, Dubai, Russia, Los Angeles, and New York.