” Infinity overflows the thought that thinks it ”
_Emmanuel Lévinas
What stories could objects tell if they had the voice to do it?
How would they narrate the human footprint and all the exhaustion, what would they say about our urgency to invent ways of inhabiting the future?
HYPER_D is an immersive experience habitable in the present and in the near future, where the user experiences a trip to the spatial excess of objects, the artificial and natural magnitude of our world and the invisible edge that exists between them, forcing us to feel through the scale and the speculation some hyperobjects, which for now occupy a space phase so disproportionate that it makes them invisible to

BY  Malitzin Cortes (MX)

She adopts transdiscipline and technology in contemporary transmedia practices, her work is developed between live coding, live cinema, installation, 3D animation, VR, generative art, sound design, experimental music and sound art. She has performed live events and exhibitions at Multimedia Center, Alameda Art Laboratory, Ex-teresa Arte Actual, Centro de Cultural Cultural, Medialab Prado, Centro Cultural España, CMMAS, Vorspiel, Spektrum Berlin and at international festivals of sound art and experimental music such as the International Live Coding Conference, Transpiksel, Aural, Transmediale, ISEA, CYLAND MediaArtLab St. Petersburg, MUTEK Mexico and Montreal. The sound proposal of CNDSD is conceived in an experimental environment through styles such as noise, ambient, data, drone, avantgard, breakcore generating transboundary musical exercises: granular landscapes, algorithmic vocal experiments, improvisations of hypnotic noise, live coding and asymmetric patterns in SuperCollider and TidalCycles. His work is in labels such as Conditional Records (Berlin), Voragine (MX), ANTIMATERIA Sonora (MX), SNU (MX), SUBREAL (MX / L.A).