In relationships sometimes the reason for our existence is turning into an experiment of submission. The structure of human societies uses stereotypes to evoke fear towards control. But, when the time comes and the beings who have been abused start their rebellion, then their abusers face the purest and truest form of power.

BY  Vasia Ampatzi (GR)

Vasia Ampatzi is a mixed media artist who experiments with different techniques to avoid restrictions during the creative process and to evoke a union of sensations. Making artworks that are rooted in narrative, she investigates the possibility of transformation of human behaviors and beliefs. Her research is concentrated on posing questions and on inspiring people to find their voice to resist against the inequalities and stereotypes. Her projects explore injustice, memory, human rights, feminism, and religion. Born and raised in Greece, Ampatzi holds an MSc in Marketing & Communication Specialization in International Marketing and a BSc in Marketing & Advertising. Currently, she lives in the US where she pursues an MFA in Creative Technologies at Virginia Tech.