Ichnos. Trace. A concept that can be interpreted in many ways and is characterized by an intuitive level through which, the energy of internal content, is externalized. How can the trace be defined? How can the notion of a trace within a field be understood? The concept of trace indicates the sign that the act of walking leaves, but consequently anything left over from the passage of a situation, a reference system of ideas. The field is a vast landscape of interpretations – the very essence of a succession of moments that don’t exist yet, but they will. As the traces of fields settle, they reunite again and create different experiences. Ichnos conceptualizes the search of instinct and its tracks. At first, the trace, both as a material and intangible can be found in the dark and its energy surpasses the first impression. Secondly, the search of matter and the attempt to capture the light, that existed and expects to be recreated by overcoming the things it wants to describe. Finally, the scope of the artwork is presented as the three types of matter: space (non-place), instinct (i-chnos) and moment (non-static dynamics: time).

BY  Iris Bournazou (GR)

Iris Bournazou is a New Media/Visual artist. She graduated from the Department of Fine and Applied Arts of the University of Western Macedonia, Greece as well as from the Institute of Fine Arts in Siena, Italy. She specializes in digital video, New Media (image, sound), and painting. The core of her work is characterized by an intuitive level, through which they form, the atmosphere, and the concept of a trace are externalized. Her work has been presented in solo and group exhibitions.