INDEX, AVENUE and SKYLIGHT are 3 monumental digital animations exceeding vastly the size of common screens, inviting viewers to scroll within their web browser to uncover the entire works. Each animation was created as a subjective record of an underground artist-run space from Vancouver BC Canada, which operated from 2014 to 2016. The project uses idiomatic visual elements from Nicolas Sassoon’s practice to evoke the culture and communities surrounding these venues: pixelated patterns, digital moirĂ©s, isometric perspective and a monochromatic palette are used to render a multitude of details, furniture, textures, and fantastical figures. Each animation is “drawn” from memory; portraying the venues through a process of recollection and imagination, a combination of accurate and imaginary elements. INDEX, AVENUE and SKYLIGHT manifest chaotic environments looking dated, idealized and ethereal. Each space appears floating in space, void of human presence and seemingly charged with a form of energy.

BY  Nicolas Sassoon (FR)

Nicolas Sassoon is a Franco-Canadian artist currently based in Vancouver BC Canada. Sassoon’s work has long been concerned with the tensions between the pixel and the screen, reflecting on their entanglement and materiality by integrating pixelated figures, moiré patterns and early computer graphics into experiential displays. This focus on early computer graphics is driven by the sculptural, material and pictorial qualities of this imagery, as well as its limitations and its poetics. At large, Sassoon’s work often explores the projective dimensions of screen-based space, and the many relationships between computer technology and the natural world. His research often leads him to engage in cross-disciplinary projects in the fields of architecture, electronic music, textiles, and art. Sassoon's work has been exhibited at The Whitney Museum of American Art (US), Vancouver Art Gallery (CA), Victoria & Albert Museum (UK), House of Electronic Basel (SW), MU Eindhoven (NL) , Today Art Museum (CN), and Chronus Art Center (CN).