The single-channel 3D animation Indra’s net features a digital ecosystem or landscape of digital organisms. At the centre of this ecosystem, a passageway opens up to a space where infinite possible virtual realities are gathered, contained within an infinite hallway of mirror-spheres. Within this space, a single node in the net of all realities mirrors all the others, ad infinitum. This depiction of a virtual meta- reality is inspired and named after the Buddhist cosmological concept Indra’s Net, which signifies the emptiness and interdependence of all phenomena. The idea of a fundamental interconnectedness of all
phenomena is usually associated with spiritual practices and traditions. However, interconnectedness is also characteristic of modern digital technology. Indra’s Net is an exploration of this intersection between the digital and the sacred; a topography of the numinous virtual.

Iikkamatti Hauru is a Finnish artist whose practice includes video, animation, installation and drawing. Mixing 3D animation with photography, drawing and sound design, his work is focused on the creation of digital landscapes and abstract compositions. He explores the possible unity of apparent opposites such as the natural versus the artificial, the sacred versus the profane and the primordial versus the futuristic.