It is a realization that was preceded by lengthy discussions
on the (in)significance of humanity and a question of whether it was possible to create something that is not perceived from the human standpoint.
It is difficult to record all the invisible dynamics covering all aspects of human, global and cosmological activity. They are all there. But we forget.
Why is it that historians try to provide context of the past, politicians a vision of the future, scientist’s clarity, artists an indirect but ever-present truth?
On a different note, are we part of what is in between?

Christina Lykoka is an Interior Designer graduate - Trained on the field in New York City – Her beginnings in the Visual Arts field were in the summer of 2015 – Currently fully engaged and working with many visual mediums – Namely: Digital and Analogue Illustration, Analog & Digital Photography, Videography, Editing, 3D Animation, Compositing, and Sound Design – All intersected and not necessarily separated. Her work has been featured in art installations, video art/film festivals in addition to a variety of publications worldwide. She is now based in Toronto, Canada. ARos (Aristeidis Tyropolis) was born in Athens Greece, has worked in multiple projects as a producer-director, editor, and 3D artist. His credits include directing commercials for Kraft Foods, corporate clips for Google and Microsoft, Creating the official Pilot for the Greek "The Office" in official collaboration with the BBC, directing/shooting Music Videos, Media arts, and documentaries.