Artist Valerie Wolf Gang works at the intersection of science and arts. Her works focus on the relationship between man and technology. In her talk, she will talk about her artistic practice and show examples of some of her intermedia installations, including the use of emerging technologies, such as brain-computer interface, artificial intelligence, neural networks, augmented reality, various sensors, and interactive elements. She will also discuss the three main topics she recently researched: body, space, and identity, elements that became essential in her artist practice because of one project that forever changed her life, professionally and personally. In this project, she was teaching the machine how to be creative, but at the same time, the machine taught her how to change her life.

BY  Valerie Wolf Gang (SI)

Wolf Gang (1990, Slovenia) works as a multimedia artist, film director, and transdisciplinary arts researcher, using different technologies and approaches to construct installations, new media works, and films. She researches the relationship between man and technology and collaborates with various scientists and art collectives. Her artworks are exhibited in numerous international galleries; she received various international grants and awards. She is the founder of UV Arthouse, which produces experimental films, multimedia installations and researches the field of emerging technology and contemporary art practices. Her movies are featured in international festivals; she is preparing a Ph.D. in the field of augmented reality, she is a professional associate at the Institute for Fine Arts Vienna and a guest professor at University of Nova Gorica School of Arts.