I do abstract but not exclusively.

I want my work to be away of any content, or at least exempt of a content that can be textualized.
I believe Art is another way of knowledge, and so I consider it to be more coherent if it is non linguistic.I reject any content that can be encapsulated in words.

All we can see normally at Art galleries are metaphors. With different rhetorical formulas, but in the end, everything is a metaphor. Metaphors and symbols. And I want to do something away from it.

Occasionally, I play with some cultural references, but this is always in a mocking way.
I feel very close to Dada; Dada not as a movement, but an attitude, as an understanding of everything.
I love Trash Culture and also Decorative Arts: in both cases because of the lack of pretension. “Sublime” is for me an archaic word.

In the end, my personal quest is to create an Art full of honesty, simplicity and grace.

I conceived this video as a piece of moving image, rather than audiovisual or film.
Focusing in the power of the visual impression. Created only with vector 2D images. Open source

BY  David Delgado Escribano (ES)

Visual artist dedicated mostly to paintings but not exclusively. Director of ALC videoart festival 2º edition. Alicante, Spain. 2021 -Ephemereye. Plague and Locusts 2020 virtual show -Groul show. Magazzini dell’Arte Contemporanea. Trapani, Italy -Aims Virtual Vertical Festival. Quarter-Finalist. Virtual Video Art festival. Greeley, Colorado, US -The Lift-Off Sessions. Official selection. Virtual Video Art festival. Buckinghamshire. UK 2020 -MOCA virtual museum (Museum of Computer Art) New York, US -CaltArt (Caltbellota Contemporary Art Project) Monastero di San Pellegrino Caltabellotta. Italy 2019 -CiutatVella Oberta. Biennale Valencia. CCCC Centre del Carme Cultura Contemporànea. Valencia, Spain. -Digital Concrete (virtual pavilion) The Wrong 2019 Digital Art online biennale. -MagnetikZone. Magazzini dell’Arte Contemporanea. Trapani, Italy -EAC. Encuentros de Arte Contemporáneo (Contemporary Art Encounters). MUA University Museum. San Vicente, Alicante, Spain. 2018 -Stand at Studio Lisboa 18. Contemporary art fair. Lisbon, Portugal. Other exhibitions in Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Japan and USA